Authentic Brick Pizza Ovens - A Backyard Scape Must-Have

Authentic Brick Pizza Ovens - A Backyard Scape Must-Have

Wood-fired brick ovens have been around for thousands of years. They are the traditional choice for cooking pizzas and a popular choice for those who want to bring the authenticity of Italian pizza right to their backyard! They come in various designs, each with unique features, but the basics are similar. Here's an overview of brick pizza ovens and why an authentic model is a must-have if you fancy cooking in your backyard.

What is a Brick Pizza Oven?

As the name suggests, brick pizza ovens are outdoor ovens made using brick. Wood-fired ovens are the traditional model, but you can find designs using charcoal and even gas. Those seeking genuine Italian cooking and pizza ovens should stick to the wood-fired option, which provides authentic taste and food preparation. A brick pizza oven is installed outdoors as a built-in or freestanding design. It features a dome-shaped cooking chamber capable of reaching temperatures as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The ovens may also feature ceramic, stone, or brick cooking surfaces.

7 Reasons to Invest in an Authentic Brick Pizza Oven

There are several reasons why pizzerias are keen to maintain their wood-fired brick ovens. No other model draws the authenticity of the traditional outdoor oven. Here are the top seven reasons why authentic brick pizza ovens are a must-have for your backyard space:

1.      Higher Cooking Temperature

One of the main advantages of brick ovens is their high temperatures. Heat radiates from the wood fire and is distributed evenly around the oven and absorbed by the interior brick walls. The temperature inside a brick oven can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to maintain with a small fire inside the oven, while a standard home oven maxes out at 500 degrees. A brick oven will maintain extremely high temperatures, which translates to faster cooking, so you can prepare many pizzas within a few minutes.

2.      Unique Irreplaceable Flavor

Modern ovens design cannot achieve the flavor you get from pizzas and meals prepared in a brick pizza oven. Cooking with wood-fired ovens will enhance the taste with rich smoky flavors. What's more, the heat is distributed evenly inside the oven, resulting in faster cooking times, and the high heat also produces unique flavors you won't achieve with slow cooking. Fresh vegetables and ingredients will take a short time to cook over the open heat of brick ovens, essential in retaining the nutrients and protecting the meal's nutritional value.

3.      Better Crust – Crisp Toppings

Italian pizzas are known for their crispy crusts and soft, chewy dough. The result comes from cooking at high temperatures in authentic brick pizza ovens. Pizza dough crisps faster at such high temperatures, locking in the moisture inside and preventing the base from becoming soggy. Everything also cooks very quickly, usually within 2-3 minutes, resulting in the crispy, puffy and flavorful dough. Brick pizza ovens are the ultimate choice for cooking authentic pizza in your backyard kitchen and provide the best results for crusts. The extreme heat and constant airflow also seal and cook the toppings quickly and evenly, so you can expect crisper vegetable toppings.

4.      Durable and Energy Saving

Energy-saving is still crucial when using firewood, and brick pizza ovens are fully optimized to save more fuel. Wood-fired ovens don't require electricity or gas, so you'll save money on such expenses. The brick design also absorbs most of the heat in its dense walls and is easier to maintain high temperatures with a small open flame inside the oven. Brick ovens are economical because you can cook more pizzas within a shorter duration due to the higher cooking temperatures. The only drawback is wood produces smoke, so you should check with your local wood-burning regulations and restrictions. That being said, the model will last several years with minimal maintenance, and there are no controls to worry about!

5.      Cooks a Variety of Food

Pizzas are the best meals to prepare using your outdoor brick oven, but these traditional baking chambers are pretty versatile. A typical brick pizza oven can accommodate several other meals, including roasted vegetables, baked/grilled fish, chicken, steak, crusty bread, turkey, potatoes, sardines, shrimp, and hot desserts. The design is efficient as food cooks much quicker and locks in the nutrients while imparting natural wood flavors. Maintaining a specific temperature range that suits your dish is possible, and the result is always better than standard indoor ovens. 

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6.      Enjoyable Experience

Cooking pizza using brick ovens is the authentic way and creates a memorable enjoyable experience for everyone! If you are cooking with family members or for a get-together, brick pizza ovens give you the opportunity to take your kitchen outside. You can enjoy some classic moments and laughs together with family and friends while experiencing the traditional vibes of outdoor oven cookery. Using a brick pizza oven is more enjoyable than conventional indoor units since you only fire them up during special occasions. The ovens are also versatile, so you can carry the theme into other meals and dishes!

7.      It’s a Timeless Trend

The traditional wood-fired brick pizza oven will never go out of style! It is a timeless trend and retains its authenticity through the years. Unlike conventional ovens, you don’t have to worry about new controls, airflow techniques and complex features. While modern electric ovens may not suit your home kitchen design and décor, your brick oven will remain functional and produces the most delicious pizzas! You can install them anywhere and they’ll look great. The ovens also come in various sizes and design elements, so you can find the best option for your space.


A brick pizza oven will bring flexibility and authenticity to your outdoor kitchen and cooking. It is perfect for pizzas and several other meals and has many advantages. Thanks to modern custom brick pizza ovens, you don’t have to set up one from scratch. Simply shop around for the best designs, sizes, models, and accessories for your needs. You can search for the best quality brick ovens and brands. Cooking a pizza with a brick pizza oven is the best way to do it and all authentic pizzerias know this. You’ll encounter several brands and options, and there’s no complicated installation required. What are you waiting for? Get a brick oven today, release your inner pizzaiolo and start making memorable aromatic authentic pizzas from the comfort of your own home!

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