Our Story

The Premium Pizza Oven journey dates back to 1999, when our owner, Yennifer, was growing up on the farm in the coffee rich mountains of Colombia. Even though authentic, homemade pizza isn’t the first thought that comes to mind when Colombia is mentioned, it sparks some of the fondest memories of home. She still remembers the day that her father decided to hand craft an oven out of the clay from the native ground. What that authentic oven has given her and her family is unforgettable memories that she will cherish forever. She recalls all the memorable times spent around that oven with her family, friends and neighbors, making pizza, bread, chicken, fish and many other foods that they loved. 

  Family pictured with the oven her father made, 1999

Fast forward many years later, she lives in North America with her family, with the passion and fire that still resides from the memories shared as a young girl. Now, her and her business partner, along with the staff at Premium Pizza Ovens, are devoted to creating a business that provides the world with similar genuine experiences.